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History Of Lacrosse: ESPN Video Feature On The Creation Of The 1970’s Morgan State Lacrosse Team That “Crossed Racial Boundaries”

ESPN feature on the Morgan State lacrosse team from the 1970’s and how they crossed social boundaries using the sport of lacrosse.

US Lacrosse Interview: Dr. Miles Harrison, US Lacrosse Board Member And Father Of Kyle Harrison, Talks About The Positive Influence Of Lacrosse And Founding A NCAA Division I Program At Morgan State (Video)

Dr. Miles Harrison, a member of the board of directors of US Lacrosse, is a surgeon, community leader and extraordinary lacrosse advocate, who as a student helped create a Division I lacrosse program at a traditionally Black College, Morgan State University. He is a legendary lacrosse player and advocate, father of All-American and MLL lacrosse player, Kyle Harrison and a wonderful person.