MCLA College Men’s Lacrosse: Loyola Marymount (LMU) Men’s Lacrosse Coaches Craig And Scott Hochstadt Are Building A Program To Compete With The Best In 2011

“I know I’d rather have a great experience at a high level in Division I of the MCLA than the 28th best player on an NCAA DI team. Of course it’s nice to say you played DI lacrosse and was recruited by a DI lacrosse team, but at the end of the day you’re still having to practice in the snow and fight for that roster spot.

Loyola Marymount University (LMU) lacrosse hired brothers Craig and Scott Hochstadt, Michael Gvozden and Peter Dante to take over the coaching duties.

Each coach brings four years of varsity NCAA DI lacrosse experience to the table coming from the University of Maryland (the Hochstadts), John Hopkins University (Gvozen) and Hofstra University (Dante).

“When you grow up playing any sport for as long as you can remember it’s built into who you are,” Craig Hochstadt, LMU’s head coach, said. “Out east, we started playing as soon as we could walk. It’s second nature. It develops a certain level of expectations for a lacrosse player and program.

“Out here, you sometimes need to take a step back and realize they may not have been playing lacrosse as long as you have or haven’t been playing forever. It’s not necessarily second nature out here. So you need to change those expectations you’ve developed.”

“The opportunity was perfect timing for Scott and me,” Hochstadt said. “The school is 5-10 minutes from our house in Manhattan Beach and building a lacrosse powerhouse in our backyard was extremely interesting. We know a lot of alumni and we love the school. We met with the kids and the excitement was mutual.”

Hochstadt is already starting to understand what drives his team and has identified what type of player he wants.

“We, of course, want great lacrosse players but I’m looking for great academic athletes,” Hochstadt said.

“Playing in the MCLA should as good as playing for a Top-25 DI team.”

Excitement at LMU has already fueled strong work ethic and determination.

“The quality of character on this team was a good surprise,” Hochstadt said. “I’m realizing more and more that education is the first priority – their education is their top priority but at the same time, they’re looking for a great college lacrosse experience.

“We don’t have the three/three and a half hour practices like we did at DI. They didn’t sign up for DI and they didn’t sign up for a job. We don’t make them puke but we go out for the time that we have and we work hard. We want to have that nice balance between working hard and winning.

“We’d like to make a splash and improve on last year’s season.”

Date Opponent Result
2/12 SAN DIEGO STATE 2:00 pm
2/18 BRIGHAM YOUNG 3:00 pm
2/20 SANTA CLARA 2:00 pm
2/26 at USC 2:00 pm
3/02 MICHIGAN 3:00 pm
3/06 OREGON STATE 1:00 pm
3/15 TEXAS STATE 4:30 pm
3/20 CHAPMAN 1:00 pm
3/23 ILLINOIS 4:30 pm
3/26 at Claremont 1:00 pm
4/02 UC SANTA BARBARA 2:00 pm
4/17 at UCLA 5:00 pm
4/21 SAN DIEGO 2:00 pm

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