Lacrosse Equipment: “EASTON LACROSSE Has Arrived” With Launch Of “New Website” And Introduction Of Casey Powell “The Ambassador”, Michael Evans “The Enforcer”, And Brett Queener “The Innovator” As Company Spokesmen Who Will Attend “Fall Lacrosse Classic” In San Francisco For Easton Lacrosse Clinics On Oct. 16 At Kezar Stadium

Michael Evans “The Enforcer”, Casey Powell “The Ambassador”, and Brett Queener “The Innovator” will be the spokesmen and faces of Easton Lacrosse.

Easton Lacrosse is dedicated to performance, protection, innovation and passion – the same principles that drive the other Easton-Bell brands.

We are honored to bring the best of innovation and tradition, along with today’s leading technology, to America’s fastest growing field sport.Easton-Bell Sports acquired Talon Lacrosse in January 2010 to mark its official entry into the lacrosse market, despite the fact that Easton has been designing lacrosse equipment for the last decade and holds innovative patents in the lacrosse space. The marriage of Easton-Bell’s engineering and expertise of invention and Talon’s passion, knowledge and tradition that honors the soul of the game is at the heart of Easton Lacrosse.The authenticity and commitment of Talon’s founders to the sport of lacrosse has no rival. Doug Appleton, Cort Kim and Blake Kim have always been lacrosse players first, but they are also coaches, organizers, inventors, designers and entrepreneurs. Each has spent the last decades growing the sport far from their roots in Baltimore and New York to California and around the world.The professional athletes who represent Easton Lacrosse epitomize the company values of integrity and dedication to the sport at every level, from grassroots to professional play. 

Casey Powell

 A true legend and ambassador of the game. Casey has an impressive list of accomplishments that includes being a two-time member of the US National Team, four National Lacrosse League (NLL) and Major League Lacrosse (MLL) All-Star selections, along with being a four-time All-American, two-time National Player of the Year and National Champion at Syracuse. Powell recently became the first ever US-born player to win the MVP of the NLL in 2010.

Brett Queener

 MLL goalie and NLL offensive player is one of the most innovative, versatile and talented players in the game today; a charismatic character, he has a big game and a personality to match it.

Michael Evans

 MLL All-Pro and three-time All-American defenseman Michael Evans is considered by many to be the best lock-down defensemen in the game today, known for his punishing and physical style.These three handpicked lacrosse superstars will be involved in developing and testing new products, while participating in camps, clinics and other events for Easton Lacrosse and creating exclusive content for

About Easton-Bell Sports


Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. is a leading designer, developer and marketer of branded sports equipment and accessories that enhance athletic performance and protection. We have a history of bringing ‘game changing’ innovation and materials to the fastest and toughest of sports – hockey, baseball, football, softball and cycling. We are known for engineering prowess and applying that science to the specific needs of each sport to create world-class sporting goods equipment and industry-leading brands.Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. has four primary brands:



Founded in 1922, Easton offers ice hockey, baseball, softball, cycling components, and now lacrosse. We believe Easton is recognized as one of the most innovative brands in the baseball, softball and ice hockey equipment industry, and we believe we will soon have a similar reputation in the lacrosse industry as well. Consumers choose Easton branded products due to their combination of performance, quality and value. As a result, we have been able to build and maintain relationships with some of the most visible professional athletes in the National Hockey League, including All-Star players Dany Heatley, Marian Gaborik and Henrik Zetterberg, and in Major League Baseball with All-Star players Jason Bay, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp.



Founded in 1954, Bell offers helmets for cycling, motorcycles (street and motocross), auto racing, skateboarding and other action sports. Bell is the #1 brand in the United States by sales in cycling helmets and accessories. Consumers choose Bell-branded cycling helmets due to their design, fit, quality, durability and value. The Bell brand image of toughness, dependability and performance is supported through the use and endorsement of its products by such high-profile athletes as road cycling champions Cadel Evans and George Hincapie, motorcycle race champion Aaron Gobert and motocross champion James Stewart.



Founded in 1986, Giro offers premium helmets for cycling, snow skiing and snowboarding, as well as snow goggles, cycling gloves and cycling shoes. The Giro brand is the #2 brand in the United States by sales in cycling helmets (second only to our own Bell) and the #1 brand in the United States by sales in ski and snowboard helmets. Giro has a reputation for innovation as well as sleek, stylish and speed-oriented designs. The Giro brand image is reinforced through the use and endorsement of Giro products by leading professional athletes, including Tour de France winners Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador and Winter X Games gold medal winners Gretchen Bleiler and Simon Dumont.



Founded in 1929, Riddell is one of the most recognized brands in football. The Riddell-branded helmet is used by numerous Division I NCAA football teams and has been the Official Helmet of the National Football League since 1989. Under the Riddell brand, we sell football helmets, shoulder pads and related equipment, uniforms and reconditioning services for our football and other team sports products. 

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