World Men’s Lacrosse Championships: 1998 World Lacrosse Championships Were Held In Baltimore, MD And Featured A Thrilling 15-14 Double Overtime Victory By Team USA Over Canada

Mark Millon of Team USA is shown here making a diving shot on Canada in final. What a finish. In what must have been a highly-charged grudge match (Canada being the only team other than the US to have won the World Championship, and then only once), the Canadians were rocked back on their heels with an onslaught of goals. They must have wondered what was happening as they managed only a single goal in the first half, and by mid-way through the third quarter, the US were up 11 goals to 1. But then the balance of power shifted, or perhaps the US became complacent with their lead, but the Canadians drew on their experience and came back strongly. It must have been anxious times on both benches, as the shooting skills of the Gait brothers and Chris Gill, amongst others, brought the scores back to almost level at 13-10 in the dying minutes of the game. And then, in the last minute and a half of regulation time, Canada did the unthinkable, and enjoyed an unanswered three-goal flurry to bring the scores level and force overtime. In the overtime period, the US just managed to overcome Canada, outscoring them 2-1, ending the most exciting of World Championship Finals, and securing yet another victory for the US 15-14.



  1.  United States
  2.  Canada
  3.  Australia
  4. Flag of the Iroquois Confederacy.svg Iroquois
  5.  England
  6.  Germany
  7.  Japan
  8.  Scotland
  9.  Sweden
  10.  Czech Republic
  11.  Wales

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